Q & A with Michelle Parkin Photography on the SIRUI VK-2K


We recently gave one of our SIRUI VK-2K systems to photographer Michelle Parkin and asked her a few questions regarding her experience with this ultra-portable stabilizer, table-tripod & Selfie stick combo.

What’s your main genre of photography?

Food photography

What interested you about the VK-2K system initially?

The stabiliser for shooting video and the mini tripod. I wanted to capture some behind the scenes footage of me on location without having to set up another camera.

Where/How did you first hear about it?


How has your experience been using the VK-2K and what are it’s most impressive features?

Ability to stabilise in landscape and in portrait mode. I love the little tripod!

Any uses specific to your main style of photography?

The tripod feature was very handy for filming time-lapses.

Biggest positives about the system?

Easy to assemble and use.

Any drawbacks or suggestions for improvements?

Should be able to handle ‘plus’ size phones 😉

Would be nice if it was one unit that just folded together, instead of two parts.

Any images/videos captured using the system?


IG: @michelleparkinphotography
FB: Michelle Parkin Photography
Web: www.michelleparkinphotography.com