Hasselblad H5D-60 Promotion

Hasselblad SA is proud to announce the Hasselblad H5D-60 promotion. This is a one-time offer, never to be repeated again.

The Hasselblad H5D-60 retails for R621 756.00 incl. VAT, but on the promotion you will pay R239 400 incl. VAT. That is a MASSIVE SAVING of 61.5%, or in cash value, R382 356!

The following items are also on sale as additional extras:


Hasselblad H5D-60 no lens

R263 340 incl. VAT                          RRP – R621 756 incl. VAT


Hasselblad Lens HC 28/80mm

R35 155 incl. VAT                         RRP – R40 050 incl. VAT


Hasselblad Lens HC 35/50mm-II

R56 170 incl. VAT                         RRP – R63 990 incl. VAT


Hasselblad Lens HC Macro 4/120mm-II

R64 465 incl. VAT                         RRP – R73 440 incl. VAT


Waist level viewfinder HVM

R4 465 incl. VAT                         RRP – R4 915 incl. VAT


Battery grip rechargeable 2900 / Li-Ion

R3 160 incl. VAT                         RRP – R3 600 incl. VAT


Filter UV-Sky 67mm

R1 015 incl. VAT                         RRP – R1 152 incl. VAT

Filter UV-Sky 77mm

R1 170 incl. VAT                         RRP – R1 332 incl. VAT


Polarizing filter 67mm

R2 320 incl. VAT                         RRP – R2 646 incl. VAT

Polarizing filter 77mm

R3 315 incl. VAT                         RRP – R3 780 incl. VAT

For any additional information please contact us.