Model: BCT-2003
Material: Aluminium
Sections: 2
Max Diameter: 22mm
Min Diameter: 16mm
Max Height: 1600mm
Min Height: 435mm
Retracted Height: 750mm
Weight: 4.0kg
Load: 10kg

SIRUI Professional BCT-2003 Video Tripods are built to handle the rigours of studio and field use:

1. Multi-tube design provides increased stability and vibration reduction.

2. Precision built aluminium spiders are lightweight, yet offer superior load capacity.

3. Economical, high-performance Aluminum alloy legs.

4. Oversized leg locks provide fast, easy adjustments – even when working with gloves.

5. Includes adjustable ground and centre spreader, dual stainless steel spikes for use outdoors and rubber feet for use on stone or wooden surfaces.

6. For video heads with 75mm ball.