The VA-5 is perfect for use with compact DSLRs and video cameras weighing up to 3 kg. It includes a TY-70A Quick Release Plate and will accept SIRUI TY-50/60/70/70-2/LP-40/LP-75 and many Arca-compatible quick release plates.

Size: 300mm x 120mm x 83mm
Weight: 0.6kg
Load: 3.6kg

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SIRUI VH-5 Professional Fluid Video Heads have a fluid system designed to produce smooth pans and tilts. And an internal spring-assisted counter-balance mechanism provides added support, smoother tilt movements and protection to your equipment.

Forward/backward camera position adjustments for balance are fast and easy. And the dual safety lock system prevents the camera from falling off when the primary locking mechanism is loosened. Push the secondary release button to remove the camera from the video head.

To make horizontal alignment of the head extra easy, there are 2 bubble levels – one on the base of the head to align the tripod and one on top of the video head to align the camera (a SIRUI first!).