SIRUI TY-350 Telephoto Lens Support Quick Release Plate

SIRUI TY-350 Telephoto Lens Support Quick Release Plate

Product Model: TY-350
Size: 420mm x 90mm x 145mm
Weight: 465g

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A super telephoto lens lets you capture amazing images. You attach your lens onto the tripod head and rely on a single, often flimsy, lens foot to do all of the stabilizing. That single contact point is not stable! Move the camera and the whole system flexes and shakes. Not ideal for critically sharp images or peace of mind.

SIRUI Telephoto Lens Support Quick Release Plates provide the ultimate support and stability. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized for smooth operation and scratch resistance, the TY-350 (for use on the SIRUI K-30X/K-40X) is a strong plate that can easily handle big lens. It lets you position the camera and lens on the Ball Head, for perfect balance and weight distribution.

The rubber grips provide a slip-free surface and the 2 screws that fit into the bottom of the lens foot, guarantee exacting lens alignment and security. The 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw can be positioned in any of the 3 slots. This is the first contact point on the plate.

The second contact point is the vertically adjustable support that is connected to a SIRUI Quick Release Platform (Arca-compatible). A SIRUI Quick Release plate (included) attaches to your camera body. The vertical support can be moved up or down to precisely match the position of your camera.

If you need to switch the body from vertical to horizontal position (the lens has a collar that lets you rotate the barrel) simply remove the QR plate and attach a SIRUI “L” bracket (optional) onto your camera.