BlackRapid WandeR Lanyard Set LONG (47″) – Smartphone Safety Tether System

BlackRapid WandeR Lanyard Set LONG (47″) – Smartphone Safety Tether System

The WandeR Lanyard Set LONG (47″) is ready for Adventure. Just hook up and go. The patented TetheR-Tab easily works with most all smartphone cases. Keep your smartphone safe so you can “Live the Moment,” whatever that moment means to you. Snowboarding, boating, biking, hiking, or being an active parent, this hands-free smartphone lanyard system will save the day more than once.

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TetheR-Tab (slides conveniently between your phone and case); and WandeR Lanyard LONG (47″) (hooks to the Tab for use around neck); and 3M double-sided tape (optional use with cases that have a large opening at the bottom)

Lanyard LONG 47″ length including hook is 23.5″ laid flat (47″ in a loop). Length can be adjusted smaller using the included 10 mm cam lock. Black nylon webbing measures 10 mm wide. 10 mm zinc alloy swivel hook allows your phone to be positioned freely.

  • Universal: This product is designed to work with almost all phone and case combinations while allowing you the option to change cases and still use the system.
  • Safety: Prevents dropping while exploring or theft when the phone is around your neck.
  • Convenience: The Tether-Tab does not block your charging port, so you can easily charge your phone while using the product.