Owning a Hasselblad can easily be the difference between a career that is “good enough” and one that is great!  As well as giving you a definite edge in todays crowded workplace.

The newly upgraded H6D platform means our optimised algorithms are capable of producing matchless quality files with ease. 16-bit colour definition, combined with Hasselblad’s Natural Colour Solution give your images unparalleled depth and sparkle.

The new 100MP CMOS sensor is almost 50% larger than the 50MP option and allows wide angle lenses to be used at their maximum field of view.

In addition, the 100MP sensor boasts an incredible dynamic range of 15 stops, allowing for unprecedented detail capture – from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights.

For more info, sample images, videos & more, please visit the official Hasselblad website.

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